PureWine project started 1-12-2019

February 6, 2020


A pilot-plant winery will be installed in Gouveia, heart of the Dão wine region in Portugal

PureWine aims to use Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF), developed by EnergyPulse Systems (EPS), enabling wineries to increase productivity of both red and white wines and to reduce the use of heat and chemicals:

i. Reduction in 30% of the maceration time in red wine production for the extraction of polyphenols and colour;

ii. Increase in 10% of polyphenols in red wine thermo vinification;

iii. Increase in 10% of juice extraction yield during the first low pressure stage of high-quality white wine production;

iv. Replacement or reduction in 75% of heat and chemical substances (e.g. SO2 or dimethyl carbonate/DMDC) used for improving the microbiological stabilisation of red wine during the control of Brettanomyces (Brett) infestations.