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We offer solutions that deliver value in the processing industries – fruit, vegetable and micro-organisms.  We enhance extraction of intracellular contents through a physical process – Electroporation.



Enhancing mass transfer processes in different operations of the food industry (e.g., extraction of intracellular components, such as juice, polyphones and nutrients, dehydration, infusion of compounds into the cells, etc.), for increasing energy efficiency, effectiveness and reducing costs.

“The application of an electric field to biological cells (animal and vegetal) induces the cell plasma membrane permeabilization (i.e. electroporation).”

Scientific fact

Pulsed Electric Fields can be used as a tool for the food industry

  • Mass transfer / extraction
  • Inactivation of microorganisms
  • Shelf life increase
  • Food industry interested in
  • Reduce production costs
  • Save energy & water
  • Increase production yield
  • Increase production capacity

The technology is ready to meet the food industry’s requirements so as to be integrated in the Production Lines








EPULSUS® generator
PM1-10 or BM1-25



Double co-field flow chamber (where the high-voltage pulses change into applied electric fields to the processed material)

Food Industry






Juice yield increased

Reduction of enzymes

Reducing of pressing time







Faster release of polyphenols

Colour increase






Inactivates contaminants

Extraction of nutrients



Case studies

Comparison between monopolar and bipolar µs range pulsed electric fields in enhancement of apple juice extraction

July 1, 2015

Abstract —The effect of monopolar and bipolar shaped pulses in additional yield of apple juice extraction is evaluated. Applied electric field strength, pulse width and number of pulses are assessed for both pulse types and divergences are analyzed. Variation of electric field strength is ranged from 100 V/cm to 1300 V/cm, pulse width from 20 […]

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Keywords — Bipolar pulses, Juice Extraction, Monopolar pulses, Pulsed Electric Fields

Industrial processing of red and white grapes assisted by Pulsed Electric Fields

July 1, 2015

Abstract — The results of industrial scale processing of nearly 200 tons of red and white grapes assisted by monopolar pulsed electric fields, PEF, are discussed in this paper. An industrial equipment, comprising a 10 kV/ 3kW solid-state pulse modulator connected to a two gaps co-field treatment chamber, was used to apply approximately 500 V/cm […]

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Keywords — Grapes, Industrial scale processing, Pulsed Electric Fields, Solid-state modulator